Highest paid jobs for international students in Canada

Highest paid jobs for international students in Canada

Highest paid jobs for international students in Canada in 2023 can be tricky to find, therefore, this article aims to point these jobs and give a brief on what to expect as an international student.
Whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer (here are 7 engineering jobs in Canada that pay over $50,000), or whatever other successful genius you want to be, there are plenty of well-paying part-time jobs available that you can do in the evenings, weekends, and school holidays.

So, to assist you live a more financially free life while studying, we’ve done the research, scoured the job boards, cross-referenced the compensation, and come up with a list of the highest paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada.

Highest Paid Jobs

For perspective, the minimum salary for students in Canada is roughly CA$13 (it varies slightly by state). As is the case in every country, the most popular part-time employment frequently pay close to the minimum wage, but we attempted to locate ones that pay more.

  • Server / bartender (ca$13 per hour on average)
  • Sales assistant (ca$14 per hour on average)
  • Barista (ca$14 per hour on average)
  • Dog walker (ca$15 per hour on average)
  • Tutor (ca$16 per hour on average)
  • Driver for a ride-sharing service or a delivery service (average hourly wage of CA$19)

Freelancing as an International Student in Canada

Let’s chat about freelancing. Many student-help articles will tell you that you can make easy money as a part-time freelancer, but they will not specify the actual profession. They sometimes say you’ll make $30 or more per hour. They’re not lying — you can, but it’s rare — but they’re also not telling the whole truth.

Let’s get a couple things straight: Freelancers set their own rates based on their expertise, talent, and so on, but clients determine whether or not to hire them. It’s difficult to find clients, especially as a student, but it’s not impossible.

Three of the greatest freelance jobs in Canada for international students are:


Given that you speak at least two languages, this may be a piece of cake!

Content Creator

Writing words on the internet (such as the ones you’re reading right now!). You must, however, be confident in your literary abilities.

Designer/Web Developer

This is a specialized one, suitable for students of computer science or graphic design. However, the pay is generally excellent!


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